~Happy Customers Say….


3 thoughts on “~Happy Customers Say….

  1. Lou (Zooper Trooper) has been great training our puppy – and our family. We initially needed someone to walk our dog, but we were also concerned that our efforts to date to teach her, Brandy, to come weren’t working consistently. After Lou worked with Brandy for just a couple of weeks, we could already see evidence of success and now we can enjoy walking with Brandy off-leash with the confidence that she will stay with us. Lou’s confident, calm and loving approach to working with our dog has been very effective. Lou is also great with the humans! I look forward to her regular Instagram posts and other updates; she even took us out and worked with us and our puppy together. Many thanks to Lou, it’s great working with you!


  2. Lou was introduced to Kratos, my son’s in-tact, VERY dominant, 2 year old male Doberman in early March. He was previously deemed “extremely difficult to train” by another trainer and Kratos was returned to us, not fully trained, and we felt helpless. From the moment she stepped into the house, she silently commanded respect from him and was eager to take on the “Kratos challenge”. Well, she definitely has proven that she is the perfect trainer for Kratos! Her effective, confident and loving manner with him has gained her plenty of respect and loads of affection from Kratos. She has employed a number of different strategies to manage and tackle each of Kratos’ issues accordingly. She analyses each problem or situation and from her vast training knowledge, selects the ideal approach to conquer each.

    Lou is also fantastic at running her business. She is highly professional, on-time and communicative. I love watching all the updates of Kratos (and other dogs!) on her Instagram account, and I frequently get texts with photos of him during the training moment. 🙂 She is extremely trust-worthy, and we have no hesitation having her in the house alone with Kratos. I have recommended Lou on several occasions to other dog owners and will continue to do so.

    Lou is dedicated and hard-working, and personally, she is a truly, beautiful soul! Thanks Lou for all your work with Kratos! It was a treasure finding you!


  3. Duncan and I met Lou in January 2017. Having had negative experiences with both dog walkers and dog day-cares in the past, we were quite selective while looking for someone who could help out with a very active, very smart little corgi. Since then, Lou has been taking Duncan out three times a week for adventure, exercise and training. We couldn’t be more pleased with the care and attention Lou has shown Duncan, and how well she works with him. Duncan’s herding instincts, which had started getting him into unfortunate situations with dogs at the park, quickly reduced to a minimum. Lou’s quiet strength and dedication has benefited Duncan tremendously, as no doubt it will do so for many dogs in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Lou to anyone who needs a responsible, respectful and attentive trainer for their doggo. Lou has my complete trust and thanks for her amazing work with Duncan. Duncan gives her two paws up! 🙂


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