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Help with a whining, crying, puppy?

It’s very normal for a puppy to become distressed but there are ways to lessen the whining at night so you are able to sleep. Association again, is crucial, so if you just leave him in his bed and he already starts to whine, he associates your absence with whining.   So after a full day of playing,… Continue reading Help with a whining, crying, puppy?

Pulling On Walks · Your New Puppy Is Here

Walking Fido Without Getting Killed

Time to walk your dog! Nah, I’m just gonna go back to sleep. Who wants to be dragged and humiliated while apologizing to people for their dog’s rambo run? Nobody. I hope. So your dog is an-out of-control freak. You’ve tried everything. A prong collar, choke, harness and every anti-pulling device out there. But he’s still yanking your… Continue reading Walking Fido Without Getting Killed