About Zoopertrooper

Greetings dog lovers and owners!

Zoopertrooper is on a mission to help dogs and their families to find happiness and balance. And also to stop your dog from licking your eggs in the morning.

-Aggressiveness, excessive barking, digging, jumping, nervousness, fear, territorial, whatever your dog’s issue is, even if it seems hopeless and you’ve pulled a decent wad of hair from your head, I’m here to tell it’s not. Every dog can be rehabilitated and every owner can learn.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Dogs are so much more than pets,” a million times and the truth is that it couldn’t be truer. To explain in detail how exactly dogs make our life so enriching in so many ways (licking eggs not included), it would take a novel and a towel for your tears.

Zoopertrooper trains your dog and encourages you to take part in the session to learn the easy, effective techniques. Confidence and assertiveness are power tools you’ll need to say, “No, Bailey. That burrito is mine.”






2 thoughts on “About Zoopertrooper

  1. Hey, I was just wondering if you have done or could do something about raising two puppies together.
    I’m struggling with how to get my two puppies to behave well mannered in the house together and im having to separate them all the time which is a nightmare so any advice on how to stop them fighting would be great thanks as ive take them to classes and they haven’t really given me any help with this, its all about their obedience which alone their great with but together they will not listen to busy fighting.


  2. Hello, Jessica!

    I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of times that raising two puppies together is simply chaotic but with the right tools, you can raise a whole litter.
    How old are they and what breed?
    Are they both male, female or one of each?
    I ask so I can determine what activities are appropriate for their age and breed.
    When they fight, can you hear any growling?
    Are they biting each other?
    Is there any correction applied to them when they fight?

    To start things off, the best ways to get their attention away from each other is to use a distraction or a task.
    Have you ever tried a kong?
    See what treats they like most and fill it in the kong. You can even use peanut butter. PB has a strong smell so you’ll see turning heads the moment the jar is open. The moment they get in a hassle, bring out the kong and once they have their eyes on you, then give it to them. I spoke about how dogs make associations in my other articles and it’s crucial. If you give them affection when they’re excited, every time they see you, their brain tells them “Get excited”. So rewarding calm behavior is what you’re looking for.
    How are they on walks?

    The other way is by giving them a task. Pet stores sell a backpack that your dog can wear and carry things inside. Put toys or bottles of water. The whole thing looks simple but to your dog, his only mission is to carry it around. Dogs are here to please us and it makes them happy as well. So try that so they stay focused on the job. Another thing you can do is to tie their leashes together so they’ll have to both settle on one direction of walking while they wear the backpacks. It’s a team effort.
    Do you feed them separately?
    Do they sleep separately?

    I hope this helps.
    Can’t wait to hear back from you.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

    The Zoopertrooper


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