Dog Walking

The Adventures of Brandy

Brandy is a miniature double golden doodle. Yep, big name and an even bigger personality. She can perform a handful of tricks and is one of the sweetest silent companions. At times, it feels as if she’s trying to send me a message via telepathy. Soulful eyes and, I know everyone says this about their fluffy dog, but Brandy has such a soft coat that I’m sure Cruella Deville would rip her hair out if she ever found out just how wonderful it is.


She loves to play in the water, mud and snow. Wait, did I say, play? No, I meant rub and twist in it. Sometimes I get my words mixed up. Walking on leash is a piece of cake for her and I occasionally need to check if she’s still at the end of it. She’s beginning to give me the teenage eye roll when I do so and a look that says, “Still here, mom.”

I’m working with her on ‘come’ and so far, she’s smooth sailing.

Updates to come!


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