Furry Friends

The Adventures of Kratos

Kratos The Doberman. Sounds so intimidating and majestic, especially with the unnecessary capital letter for ‘the’. That’s because he is. Never mind ‘the’.

Those attributes come from first impressions and having spent only a small amount of time with him, I think I’m…I’m falling in love. He’s an angel in short. And to make things less mushy and emotional. He has such a calm demeanour yet he’s on guard 24/7.

Kratos takes pleasure in several bad habits. First: barking at anything that passes at the window. Second: Humping/Jumping at family members or guests. Third: Pulling and barking at dogs that pass by.

Our job is to correct these behaviours with the right methods, the right energy and a gigantic bag of patience and persistence and soon, Kratos will be a balanced dog. Balance is happiness. No dog enjoys having no boundaries, limits and rules but they don’t know any better.

Updates to come!


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