Furry Friends

The Adventures of Bella & Maggie

An introduction is due, “drumroll, please!”. Tum, tum, tum, or drrm, drrm, drrm….whichever sound your imaginary drums make.

Bella the Boxer and Maggie the Labrador.

Two lovely BFF’s who are practically inseparable. Maggie is a sweet lassie with a helicopter wagging tail who doesn’t know how to walk properly on leash and wants to kiss-assault the stranger who made a mental note to take another route for next time; I saw it in their eyes. When greeting you, she does what I call, ‘The snake dance’. You have to see it to believe it.

Bella is the ultimate princess guardian. She walks like a butterfly and stings other dogs like a bee. Always on the alert, you definitely feel protected around her. When another dog is passing however, Bella becomes agitated and wants to lunge. She’s doing so much better than when I first walked with her. It’s easier to turn her around or catch her attention when distractions arise. In the next days, off to the dog park we go! (I am taking the muzzle for security but I’m confident she’ll do okay.)

Both Bella and Maggie used to have issues when they were several feet away from each other; whining at first and then evolving into barking but now, I can go as far as I please with only one of them.

Updates to come!


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