How To Housebreak My Puppy?

Housebreaking is definitely one of the toughest stages to go through with your puppy and with the wrong tools, you may very well find yourself a few years later still desperately trying.


~No, this stunning picture and pose did not take 30 minutes….it took an hour. But c’mon, the results are definitely worth it.


A few question some of you may have;

  • What’s the secret to housebreaking? Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic spell that will train your puppy in seconds, or days. Nor is there a product in stores that will prevent your puppy from urinating on your luxurious, fluffy carpet. Or on that six-hundred dollar dress you were saving for the special date. ~You shouldn’t have spent that much in the first place, right?
  • Why does my puppy pee even after doing it outside or on a training pad? For the first few weeks, your puppy has grown accustomed to the indoors and doesn’t know anything else beyond that. Peeing outside the first time is more than often done out of nervousness, or even fear from being in an unfamiliar environment and in that state, your puppy will only be able to release a few drops.
  • What do I need to housebreak my puppy? You only need, PPC. Patience, persistence and consistency.


Tips and Advice to ease the hardship,

  • Your puppy needs to urinate/defecate around every 3 hours. Set a timer as a reminder and watch your puppy at the 1 and 2 hour mark when he/she spins in circles while smelling the ground. ~With purpose I should add.
  • If your puppy previously used training pads, keep one with the urine and place it outside as reference. Or take a clean pad and do the same. Smelling and seeing the pad is a familiar object and is a neat trick for association. ~Just don’t let this blow away onto the neighbour’s front porch.
  • Do not raise your voice, scare or punish your puppy if he/she urinates in the house. Not only does it fracture the bond you’ve just started but if you ever do it again, your puppy will urinate on cue. It will be an association that will be hard to break. ~Anything other than assertiveness, confidence and leadership in general, is perceived by dogs as weakness.
  • Cleaning the urinated area is very important as the scent will only invite your puppy to do it again. ~Do not use bleach. Vinegar and baking soda are your allies.
  • Praise your puppy the instant he/she starts urinating in the desired area. Don’t over-do it. ~It’s creepy for such an action and will make your puppy hesitant next time.
  • My own puppy goes in his crate for about 30 minutes after eating. This routine is excellent and helps on two important points. For large breeds, this prevents bloat and encourages proper digestion. If you’re planning on crate-training your puppy, and I highly recommend that you do, then this is perfect.


~No, Takkie did not urinate on that gorgeous cheetah-pattern blanket. Yet.


Takkie’s Housebreaking Updates;

It’s pretty cold in Canada. Pretty as in, -35. It does interfere with his housebreaking from time to time. I’ve put a training pad in my garage if a blizzard or a sharp wind comes for a visit. Nonetheless, so far so good. He’s missed a few times since the start but he’s achieving consecutive days of doing n.1 and 2 outside. Of course, he’s always super-hyped about running back to the front door so I do take treats and toys to make his outside time more enjoyable.

If anyone has any questions, or a tough puppy to crack, pop a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.




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