Takkie The Dachshund

Takkie The Dachshund

The adventures of Takkie the Dachshund are finally about to begin…..


~6 week old Dachshund puppies having a snack~


The choice between the five puppies was a tough one, but with the right tools to eliminate and arrive to the one, it was a cute walk in the park.

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Picking the right puppy depends on what you’re looking for. High energy, medium or low. Looking for shyness, curiousness, playfulness, independence and wariness have to all be taken into account as well.

Takkie was the slowest, the shyest but had a low energy of playfulness and had a reasonable amount of curiosity.

On the ride home, Takkie sat in a box and slowly began to realize that he was going with a new family. Whining and howling soon started, and attempts to climb out of the box. It was immensely hard to not pick him up when he looked up with clear, glass blue eyes at me but with persistent corrections and a strong will, this was the result.


As with every puppy, first few nights are always the hardest. For both puppy and owner. A dachshund is a master at howling, so that’s exactly what Takkie did for an hour before giving up….and then resuming and giving up again. He’s a quick learner though and is understanding that crate means, “safety” and “calm”.

He’s using the training pads until he can go outside, and he’s made only one accident so far. I’ve left one pad with his pee on it so he knows on what to do it.







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