Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a loyal and devoted breed with a strong, flavoured character. They have a lot of heart and a powerful sense of protection towards their loved ones. One of the several breeds to resemble the English Bulldog, the Alapaha is meant to be muscular but stocky. You can even see the snout differences with the Alapaha and the English; one is held up and firm while the other is very wrinkly and droopy.

They are definitely less stubborn than the English Bulldog but make no mistake, they still need a firm hand. This breed is not a recommended choice for first-time owners but on a good note, they are more eager and trainable. They have a high prey drive that needs to be controlled and redirected starting at an early age.

This breed was in danger of extinction in 1979 and the history of how the breed was actually restored isn’t too known to dog lovers as the Alapaha is considered a rare breed. A group of Southerners dedicated themselves to preserving this exceptional dog. Today, their hard work and passion definitely paid off. Documentation shows that this wonderful dog is from South Georgia, USA.


Thank the -Real Blood Is Blue Kennel- for this amazing litter of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog puppies.

These dogs were used by farmers for guarding, hunting and catching large animals such as hogs. 


                         -Real Blood Is Blue Kennel-

Stunning puppy with glass blue eyes.

The Alapaha is an excellent companion and is very alert of its surroundings. Fiercely protective of whatever they are given to watch, they want to be around and will even happily watch the family from the sidelines in order to supervise. 


Real Blood Is Blue Kennel-

They are much healthier than the English Bulldog. Yep, no drool and no respiratory problems either. Remember the snout differences?


                    -Real Blood Is Blue Kennel-

This is an athletic dog and they can be quite active outdoors. Inside, they’ll gladly sleep at your feet. 

*All dogs need a certain amount of exercise to be satisfied and relaxed.


                      -Real Blood Is Blue Kennel-

This is a large dog and it requires patience and time to reach the full potential of the Alapaha.


                            -Real Blood Is Blue Kennel-

Examine your lifestyle carefully and see if you can accommodate this breed. Go to dog shows and see a grown Alapaha to get the clear picture. Quality breeders encourage visits if you’re thinking of purchasing one. It’s okay to realize that the Alapaha won’t be to its happiest with your lifestyle, or certain situation. 


Real Blood Is Blue Kennel-


For more information and details on this amazing breed, check out the link below and remember, always do a thorough research before acquiring any dog.


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