English Bulldog


The English Bulldog is one of the most ancient breeds and is still popular today. Quality is crucial when purchasing an English Bulldog puppy, as well as a thorough research to conclude whether or not this breed is right for you. As I write this, my attention keeps returning to the newborns above. It’s impossible not to feel your heart melt at the sight of them.

As early as 1500 in England, these dogs were used for bull baiting until it was made illegal in 1800. Today, the English Bulldog will demand belly rubs and will make a devoted companion. They are bred to be gentle and courageous but a firm hand is needed as they are quite stubborn to train. They’re full of character with a laid back attitude. All that being said, they do need exercise just like any other breed to burn the excess energy, so erase the image of the ultimate couch potato buddy.


I think we can all agree that this is the most cutest thing so far, right?                          Look at that; amazing coat and different eye color. Total beauty.

They do not need excessive exercise; a simple 30 minute walk or even less, should satisfy them. Watch out for extreme heat as the English Bulldog has a wrinkly, pushed-in snout that can’t deal with humidity and a short coat that can’t take freezing cold winters. As the owner, only you can tell if your puppy can stay longer or has to go in. 

When it comes to training, food is the only effective tool to get your Bulldog puppy going. If you are really persistent, you can add toys and as always, use positive reinforcement.


Another stunning beauty. A mellow color of fawn.

There are certain behavioural traits that your Bulldog could show as they get older but they aren’t supposed to be dog-aggressive, food-aggressive or dangerous around children. For me, it is all about the socialization. The English Bulldog is a dog first and then a breed. There are three things a dog needs in order to be happy and balanced. Exercise, discipline and affection.


This is turning into an adorable overload. Look at the nicely shaped head.


English Bulldogs do snore, snort and drool and even if some can handle it, do take it into consideration.



father   Meet the parents!

This father is happy and proud to show off his little ones.



Here is the beautiful mother and well, she does get the credit for carrying those sweet things. Now you know where the puppies get their looks from.

Buying from a breeder, especially this breed, is a good choice as you get a puppy of a healthy line. English Bulldogs are prone to certain health issues and that’s why quality is important. Expect to pay between 1,800$ and 5,000$ for a puppy and do not be shy or hesitate to ask a breeder why. Breeders want their pups to find a good home and encourage waves of questions to make sure both sides are happy and understood.

If you are not planning on breeding, do spay/neuter to help with the overpopulation.


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