Toy/Object Obsession

Why does my dog do this with soccer balls?

“Whenever my brothers and I are playing soccer, my female German Shepherd quickly jumps into the game, seizes the ball and carries it away to one of her resting spots, then just leaves it there.

Whenever I see her chasing the ball, at first I thought she only wants to play with us. But after she successfully seizes it from us, she just moves on with something else.

And she only does this when she sees us playing soccer. If nobody’s using the ball, she totally ignores the ball’s existence until someone touches it. I’d also like to add that it’s not only one particular soccer ball that she seizes from us – it’s basically any soccer ball we buy.

Is my dog the only dog that does this? And please I’d like to understand why.”






German shepherds are herders so she does get interested in catching it because it’s moving fast. When it’s in her mouth and no longer moving, it’s no longer fun. I suggest you get a Kong, fill it with peanut butter and give it to her. She’ll be preoccupied with it.
If she comes towards you for the ball, block her with your body and tell her firmly to go away.


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