My yellow lab is INSANE 90 percent of the time.. And he’s pretty old. What can I do?

“To start off, I’m 15. And yes they aren’t MY dogs, they’re my parents but I call them mine. Anyways, we have 4 big dogs. We got them all as puppies, which explains why we have so much cause we could never say no to them. But 3 of them have had poor training. And the yellow lab especially, is CRAZY. Absolutely insane. We love them all, don’t get me wrong. They’re all very happy but let me explain how crazy they can get. First, pretty much none of them have no manners. My yellow lab will BARK a high pitched bark, he will WHINE, growl, and jump viscously whenever someone comes come. My other dog, bites his back (kinda like he’s trying to stop him?) which makes the yellow lab growl and go even crazier. My OTHER dog even sometimes joins in on it and it honestly sounds as if we are murdering these dogs or something. He goes THAT crazy that he sounds like he’s fighting with something. It is so incredibly bad. He’s 9 years old. By himself, he’s a calm dog. I just think the other dogs aggravate him. He also is completely unresponsive to any form of discipline, and completely unresponsive to pain so I don’t think he acts this way Bc he hurt himself somehow. (He literally can break a leg and seem unfazed). Since my parents slacked with training YEARS ago, what can I do now to help prevent this? I’m only 15 so don’t comment bashing me, I’m trying my best

We also love these dogs WAY too much to give them away, and they love us too much to be with anyone else. They basically starve themselves and wouldn’t stop barking when we had a friend watch them while we were away. Giving them away is out of the question, especially if it’s for some silly reason like lack of manners.”








Wow. The patience you must have is incredible.

First question I have is if any of them are neutered. That “thing” that the other dog does to the lab (biting at the back or jumping on top of him) is a sign of dominance. You’re absolutely right, dogs do copy each other’s behaviour if it’s not corrected. So your lab is the instigator and the others follow his lead because you don’t take over.

You have a couple of different problems here but that amount to one thing: Leadership.
How is he on walks?

For a guest’s arrival :
The most important thing is to claim the space you want. So when someone rings at the door, block him from passing. It’s okay for the other 3 to go for the moment since the lab is the most stubborn. Continue to block him with your body until he moves away on his own. Do not move backward, only forward. If you step back, you invite him into your space. It’s like making way for a king. Think of a role model as it helps greatly. Dogs work with energy, if you hesitate in your actions or aren’t serious, he takes advantage. Then go to the door and open it. Block them all the way. With time and patience, they will bark at the doorbell but will stay put. There’s no use in trying to pull him back, it only makes him agitated and excited. Then work one on one with the other dogs and then all together.


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