I need help with my dog. He barks too much and the neighbors are complaining!!!?


“So my adorable 1 month and 7 year old Sheltie Alex is always barking!! I tried everything! He stops barking when I am outside with him. We put him outside daily in the backyard for excericise but he always barks. I tried the beeping thing so when he barks I click the button to make a sound that only the dog can hear but does not work!! Now my dad wants me to get him a shock collar and I am begging him no!! 😥”







Because you go outside when he barks, he knows how to get you out to him. Dogs work by association, so; he barks and you come out. It seems like your dog has been doing this for some time and the barking is excessive. In that case, beepers won’t calm him down as he is already at level ten of excitement. We all often forget that barking is their communication, he’s trying to say something. Has he been getting any exercise? If so, how much? Shelties are high level of energy dogs are require mental and physical activity. Agility and frisbee are you best shot to keep him happy. They want to learn a new command everyday to keep their brain stimulated. Shelties are very smart.
Also is he tied or free? The shock collar only hides the problem and it will make him more anxious and fearful. The barking will most likely increase and it will be harder to calm him down.


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