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In The Bed Or Out?

Finally….the debate that dog owners take at heart. The Bed.

Can my dog sleep with me in my bed? Of course he can. I can just call him and he jumps up. Is it a good thing, though?

Knowing quite well that no one will just throw their dog off the bed after reading this, I merely like to point out that there might be some unexpected consequences. Setting drool, hair, bacteria and heavy weight aside, allowing your dog from young age onto your bed, he’ll turn velcro, an extra part of you as he grows up. Meaning loud whining while you’re in the bathroom or trying to do anything that doesn’t permit him being around. When not at home, he will shred your house to pieces. Yep, it’s coming. Your dog is starting to develop an extreme separation anxiety.




It’s already foreign for your dog to be on his own and if you don’t learn him to be independent from young age, you are increasing his anxiety level in your absence. For example, a woman said her dog was sleeping in her bed for 13 years and has just now decided that she wants her dog off her bed. Unfortunately, there is no off switch that you can simply interrupt a life routine. Imagine a child sleeping with you since birth, having to adjust to its own crib later on. He’ll be crying for you in the middle of the night but hey, it’s your child. You’ll have to go soothe him, you’re the mom. Can you and more importantly, are you willing to do this for the dog as well?

I read a report a while ago that in the dog’s mouth, a certain bacteria lives that can kill your teeth. And while we love our pets to death, let’s not put that line to the test with just a kiss on the mouth. There has got to be a reasonable limit. I mean, dogs lick their private parts, probably drink sometimes from the toilet and God only knows what else. Licking your face might be acceptable, make sure to wash it afterwards. Don’t worry, our mouth is probably filled with the same amount of bacterias but perhaps let’s stick to our own kind till we find out more. Your dog won’t notice if you suddenly stop kissing him full on the mouth as dogs are not really into our style of kissing. That’s our human way of showing affection and by kissing dogs, we’re actually humanizing them.

dog dressed up
Imagine for a second the other way around: dogs domesticating us, making us do things like eating from a bowl on the floor, licking ourselves and playing fetch. It doesn’t mean they can’t talk that they don’t have a voice to be heard. When the state of a dog is aggressive or insecure, that is their voice. They are telling us they need help but we can’t or are not willing to hear them. We blame the breed but never ourselves. It’s time we raise dogs the way they were meant to be raised.

So when your new puppy is in his bed and you are in yours, there is absolutely no reason to feel bad for him because…… you are doing him actually a favor. Not only will he not destroy the house later on, but it will be much easier to implement rules and limits for him as he knows his place and rank. The general isn’t in the same ranks as the soldier.



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